Marietta Square Market

Yayy!! It’s finally here!! Marietta Square Market is now open for some great food and local shopping treasures.  Located in the historic downtown of Marietta, GA., the market is a wonderful destination to see what this city has to offer.  Whether you are enjoying a cup of Joe at Bread and Butter or sipping Matcha Green Tea at Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar, the Marietta Square Market has something for the entire family to enjoy.







Marietta Square Market

68 North Marietta Parkway NW, Marietta GA 30060


Monday   7a-10p
Tuesday   7a-10p
Wednesday   7a-10p
Thursday   7a-10p
Friday   7a-11p
Saturday   7a-11p
Sunday   7a-9p


Photos by: Haus of Kelley, LLC

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