Get The Look! #OTR

July 20, 2014 was an Epic night for some when Jay-Z and Beyonce rolled into New Orleans for the On The Run Tour. The crowd was hype but the trending thing today is all about the fashion!! Bey and Jay fans came in full on hip-hop chic street style and it was creative and trendy. Check out these looks and find out where you can get them!! A big thanks to my fam for sending the pics!! You guys look awesome!! :0)


Jasmine is wearing a circle skirt in coral by H&M $14.95 (Check local store for different colors)



Paige is wearing a camouflage blazer paired with denim shorts and black top

Target $19.98


Sierra is wearing a black romper by H&M paired with a desert camouflage jacket

H&M $10


Desert Camouflage Jacket $24.88

Jammie was very creative and trendy with her DIY tank!! She designed a “Keep Calm” slogan and printed it onto the tank at the local print shop. Her look is completed with a black/white moto jacket from Target and denim shorts.

Naquella is wearing a custom shirt made by LA18. Follow @trukernell Instagram. Her look is completed with a denim midi pencil skirt and vest.


Kayla is wearing a gold sequin blazer paired with black distressed denim shorts and black top.

Distressed Denim Cutoffs by Forever 21 -$29.90


Gold Sequin Blazer – Mink Pink $52.99


The theme for shoes was: “J’s on my feet!”

Pair all these looks with any trendy shoe and it works!! Happy Shopping!!


Celebrating 100 Years of Life: Addie Moore

To see 100 years of life is a blessing! Happy Birthday Addie Moore!! Today my family celebrates the 100th birthday of my Great Grandmother Addie Moore. She is such a blessing to our family and it is an honor to be able to take part in honoring and celebrating her. She is so sweet and giving. And doesn’t look a day over 50!!! :0). Happy Birthday Addie Moore!! May you be blessed with many more!






LeBron Goes Home!!!

LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers sources say at Sports Illustrated. It’s been four years since James left the cold winters of Cleveland for the sunny beaches of Miami. During his tenure with the Miami Heat, Lebron led the team to four NBA Finals appearances with two championships. This announcement is not too shocking as fans had speculations of James’ return to Cleveland. Sources at ESPN estimate this deal with Cleveland to be a four-year deal at the max $88 million payout. Go LeBron!!!

Photo Credit: ESPN/Getty Images

Congrats Eva & Ryan!!

According to E! Online Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are expecting their 1st child! Yes! The rumors are true!! The actress is reportedly due in October. Eva, 40, and Ryan, 33, started dating in 2011 and have always kept their relationship private. Congrats on your blessing Eva and Ryan!!

Photo Credit: Dave Allocca/