Eye Candy!

I am just as budget-freiendly as the next gal but when it comes to my shoes and handbags I go a little carzy!!  Check out this gorgeous Melie Bianco “Gwyneth” for $70 at piperlime.gap.com.  All you need is a nice pair of denim and a free form blouse in any color and you are set!  This clutch will give you a fresh, clean, and flirty look :0)Melie Bianco Gwyneth

The Honey Dew List….

Ladies….we all send our men out at one point time or another to run errands right??? All the while I just simply called it “running errands” while my husband calls it “The Honey Dew List”.  I overheard him explaining to a friend how he couldn’t play ball one day because he had a long honey dew list.  So I asked, “Bae, what’s a honey dew list??” He explained that when I ask him to pick up dry cleaning, concert tickets, walk brody, etc…that is a “Honey Dew” list! LOL!!

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Cover Photo Image Source Page: http://www.pointradio.com/Holy-HoneyDew-/11333898?pid=157461

Beauty & Style

OMG!! If you were watching Single Ladies last night on VH1, you would have caught a glimspe at the stunning Kai Morae.  Some of you may know her as the beautiful Lisa Raye McCoy’s daughter but Kai has been making a name for herself as an upcoming model.  I love the fact that she embraces her curves and shows off her trendy style.  Thanks Kai Morae for representing all the curvy ladies out there!! :0)

Image Source Page: http://straightfromthea.com/2010/12/01/derek-blanks-shoots-lisa-rayes-daughter/62657013jakebailey121201032544am/

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