Je Parle Cheveux!!

New Orleans and The World!! Make way for T. Marie….The baddest hair stylist I know (Not to mention she’s fam!!)!!  With her edgy style and laid back Jamaican demeanor, your hair and makeup will always be fierce!!  T. Marie a.k.a. Toni M. Hyde is ready to show off her unique talents and share some techniques with you.  Soiree Sweet Boutique will premier Je Parle Cheveux “I Speak Hair” on September 1, 2012!!!  This will be the hottest blog on hair & makeup out there!! #Can’twait

Brody’s Wednesday Letter: LMAO!

Dear Mom,

I know that I am on a “time out” right now but I wanted to answer your question “WHY??!!” I go crazy when you vacuum.  It is my belief that the vacuum is an evil monster out to get me.  I mean it seems like every time I try to have some “me” time and play with my toys….the vacuum comes strolling up on me with this loud noise!!  So I say to myself….self: don’t let the vaccum punk you…BARK!! And so I did!!  Just like this picture…he feels me!!  I’m just sayin!

Paws Truly,


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I Heart Leopard Print!!

I Heart Leopard Print!!  A leopard print scarf would be awesome dressed with a red blazer or a casual black tee…..Make sure a pair of form-fitting jeans and pumps are in the mix.  Right now Express has a Leopard Print Scarf for $29.90….Happy Shopping!! :0)

leopard print scarf-leopard infinity scarf

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Taco Tuesday!!

Wooow!! What a Lunch!!  Today I went to Tijuana Flats for lunch with friends and it was awesome!! :0)  The Taco Tuesday deal for $4.99 rocks!! This Tex-Mex restaurant gives you fresh menu items and huge portions. #Sofull  If you are in Raleigh, NC, check them out!! :0)

Tijuana Flats 151 SE Cary Parkway Cary NC 27511 919.468.6328

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A Romper Holiday!!

Go out this Labor Day with a trendy bang!!  A Romper will have you looking stylish and hot at any barbecue or beach party!!  This versatile fashion trend can be dressed up or down :0) Me personally, I like to start the day off with cool flats and end the night with fierce pumps!!  Forever 21 has a Polka Dot Print Romper $13.50…..Happy Shopping!! :0)

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As Natural As They Come!!

I am as natural as they come!! I broke away from the “Creamy Crack” in October 2009 and have enjoyed it ever since.  I just love the healthiness and shine my hair has.  Although I did fall off a bit while planning my wedding (believe me it was a hectic time!!), I am back and can’t wait until I can show off my curly tresses…just like Joan from Girlfriends…..aka Tracee Ellis Ross

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Get The Look!!

I love Gabrielle Union’s look in this pic!!  It’s so simple yet fashionable and she makes it look like a flawless effort.  Want the look???  I have found this look from head to toe for us budget friendly gals!!…..Enjoy and Happy Shopping!! :0)

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Accessory Necklace Forever 21 Braided Chain Swag Necklace in Gold $6.80

Dress Tinley Road Bleecker Ponte Dress in Paprika on $69

Shoes Guess Mipolial in Zebra Print $69.99

GUESS - Mipolial

Easy Cheesy Sweet Cornbread

Ladies trust me…I did not come out of the womb baking from scratch!!  I am still a work in progress and I’m always in search for new things to try ;0)  I have a easy way for beginners to twist up cornbread with your meal.  This easy cheesy sweet cornbread rocks!! :0)

Easy-Cheesy Sweet Cornbread


1 Box of Jiffy Cornbread Mix

1/3 cup milk

1 Egg

1 cup sharp cheddar cheese

½ cup sweet corn (whole kernels)

¼ cup brown sugar

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Combine all ingredients in large bowl and mix well

Grease skillet and pour mixture

Bake for 20 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean

Oh Glory Sunday!!

Sunday Dinner would not be complete without a green vegetable!! For a quick easy fix to have the greens that you love, try Glory Foods Greens.  Glory Foods Greens are sold at most grocery stores and are affordable!!  No need to add anything seasoning to these greens….just take out of the, add a little water, and heat through.  Try the Kale Greens…they are awesome!!  For Sunday Dinner I paired the Kale Glory Greens with smothered pork chops and mashed potatoes!!…..Yummy!! :0)

A Gossip Girl & Her Clutch!!

Clutches are my favorite type of handbag!!….Satchels are my second favorite :0)  I am super excited and can’t wait for the fall season premier of Gossip Girl.  The drama, the fashion, and oh the handbags!!  My favorite upper east-sider, Blake Lively, is sporting this hot envelope clutch by Emily Cho in blue.

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